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LED outdoor lighting design analytical considerations

read:2312017-01-05 10:03:10 

Outdoor LED lighting should be designed to meet the latest specifications of outdoor lighting enacted , and urban road lighting design standards.

First, the work environment

LED Outdoor Lighting Due to relatively poor working conditions , by wind and rain and sun, the sun's ultraviolet radiation, diurnal temperature changes affect the air of dust , chemical fumes and other conditions, year after year, by the nature of aging lamps aging treatment . Design should take full account of the impact of these factors.

Second, LED lighting materials and cooling mode selection

Housing and radiator design as a whole , to solve the heat problem of LED lighting , this way is better, generally use aluminum or aluminum alloy , copper or copper alloys, and other alloys good thermal conductivity . Cooling air convection cooling, heat and strong wind cooling heat pipe cooling , ( jet refrigeration cooling a heat pipe cooling is similar , but the structure is more complicated. )

Choose what kind of cooling method , have a direct impact on the cost of the lamps , should be considered , and select the best design products matching program .

Shade selection is also critical of the design , the current use of transparent plexiglass , PC materials , the traditional lampshade is transparent glass products, product quality positioning choose exactly what kind of material with the design of shade , in general, outdoor lighting the shade is best traditional glass, it is to create a long life, the best choice for high-end fixtures .